Friday, August 06, 2010

Baked Potato Soup

Jamie shared this recipe with us....

5 lb bag of potatoes
3 (14.5 oz) cans of chicken broth
2 sticks of butter
3 (12 oz) cans of evap milk
3 (10.5 oz) cans of cream of chicken soup
8 oz velveeta OR 1 can cheddar cheese soup

Peel and dice potatoes and cook in chicken broth until tender. 

Remove from heat.
And add butter and mash to consistency that you like.
I leave some chunks. Just use your discretion.
Put back on stove and add milk and soup and blend. 
Cut velveeta into chunks and blend slowly. 
Let it heat a little bit on low heat so it wont burn and its all done.
Its good with a little shredded cheese on top and I like bacon bits.

* I didn't have the cond. milk last night, 
but I had whipping cream, and it was just as good.  
And I also added some milk to it to think it down for the kids.   

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