Saturday, May 20, 2006

Menus Needed

Not only are Recipes needed, but also meal ideas. Like what all you put together to create a meal. Some people just don't know what to put together. And everyone needs help or just some fresh ideas at times.

Send me your menus so I can post them. If there happens to be an item on there that someone would like the recipe for, you can send me the recipe to post.

Like tonight I'm grilling out Chicken breast & some Pork Chops (just because they are in the freezer & I also like to take advantage of having the grill fired up)
I'm also making Baked Beans (My Mom's recipe)
And Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad


Renee said...

I laughed when I read you were grilling chicken and pork chops cause the grill was hot and there was more than one meat in your freezer.... I always make fun of Edward cause if he decides to cook out he will cook all the meat in the house and if the grill is still hot he will go buy more meat... Its just to two of us but you would think he invited the neighborhood! It must be a southern thing! lol

~CRYSTAL~ said...

When I fire that grill up, I got to cook all I can. We always have to grill hotdogs, no matter what for D. I also call Mom & if she has any meat, I grill it too.

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