Monday, May 22, 2006

The Best Coleslaw Ever!!!

This recipe is from my LA friend Robin.

Found this on All Recipes about 4 years ago. Family and friends absolutely love this and you will never have leftovers, I guarantee. Even if you are not a big cole slaw lover you soon will be.


2 Bags of shredded cabbage. (I like to get the mix that has the mix of the purple and green cabbage along with the shredded carrots)

1lb of cooked bacon, make it crispy and crumble.

1 8oz jar of Miracle Whip

½ cup of chopped nuts (Any kind will do, I usually do pecans)

Toss all together and serve right away. It shouldn’t be soggy like most slaws, hence the reason to serve right after tossing.


Melanie said...

Well hellooo...I dont even have to try it to know you are prob. right...anything is good with BACON! I could eat almost anything with bacon in it and what I couldn't eat with bacon I could eat covered in cheese!!

Vickie said...

YUMMO!! This sounds awesome. I'm gonna try this and I love onions in my slaw so I may add some green onions to it.

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