Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holiday Idea (EASY!)

My stepmother taught me how to make this today! Its really light and wonderful!
Pumpkin Dip
*Great on a graham cracker as picture, or used as a dip for fruits, cookies, nuts or anything else you like to dip!*
1 can of Pumpkin
1 large container of cool whip
dash of pumpkin spice
cup of brown sugar splenda
1 large package of instant vanilla pudding (we used sugar free)
Mix it all together and serve right away or chill for later!
If you like the taste of pumpkin you will LOVE this dip! The pumpkin taste is lighter than that of a pie, since you have the cool whip folded in.

1 comment:

coleybelle said...

I made this recip for a ladys event at my church and it was a hit! I served it with shortbread cookies.

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