Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Recipe Request!

I need a good recipe for POPCORN BALLS! We have a church life group this Friday night, and we are letting the kids dress up like heros and bringing some treats for everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Chewy Popcorn Balls
Chewy popcorn balls that won't break your teeth. So Good!!

1 bag of marshmallows
1 stick of margarine
6 bags of microwave corn (kettle corn is good - just don't use
"buttered" corn)

Pop the corn and let cool
Cook marshmallows & butter into a syrup (not in microwave)
Use approx 2 bags of corn at a time in large bowl, big enough for mixing
Pour 1/3 of mixture over corn and stir until "really" sticky (may have
to reheat)
"Butter hands" before forming corn into balls

Depending upon the humidity of the day - these may be a complete flop -
never fear, you can always mash it in a cake pan and cut like rice
krispie treats.

Kim in Missouri (not my recipe but popular around here)

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