Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chewy Popcorn Balls

Kim sent in this recipe & what a perfect time for it.

Chewy popcorn balls that won't break your teeth. So Good!!


1 bag of marshmallows
1 stick of margarine
6 bags of microwave corn (kettle corn is good - just don't use
"buttered" corn)

Pop the corn and let cool
Cook marshmallows & butter into a syrup (not in microwave)
Use approx 2 bags of corn at a time in large bowl, big enough for mixing
Pour 1/3 of mixture over corn and stir until "really" sticky (may have
to reheat)
"Butter hands" before forming corn into balls

Depending upon the humidity of the day - these may be a complete flop -
never fear, you can always mash it in a cake pan and cut like rice
krispie treats.


Anonymous said...

hey look I got my name way up there like I'm in Hollywood. ;)

I have never made the popcorn balls since I'm Betty Crocker's Evil Twin but would love to have some. Anyone in Missouri up for making some? :)

Kim in Missouri

native-nc said...

we use a recipe similar to this to make our annual candy tree. We first make the popcorn balls, )using green food coloring). Then we get a tree form from a craft store & stick the popcorn balls on the tree with tooth picks. Then you add candy. Gum drops,orange slices, old timey candy works the best to simulate ornaments. Then everyone can pull off a piece of candy at a time. It last a while & there is plenty of candy to share.

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