Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Picture Of A Recipe!

I made the Cheesy Chicken Casserole on Saturday. And it was SO good! I made the recipe a bit bigger, so we could have lunch & supper on Sunday too! D loved it. Also, I boiled my chicken & I added minced garlic (which I put in everything) into the water with salt & pepper. So the chicken was full of flavor.

If you make anything, send me a picture! It can be of someone enjoying the food or a picture like this! Use your imagination.


dana said...

That is a good idea about the pictures. I made the chicken spaghetti the other nite and it didn't look like I thought it would. My hubby said you guys should take pics so people know what it is supposed to look like (if for no other reason) I am not going to put a pic up here of what mine turned out looking like, it was good, but very very soupy. I will try again though.

jamleah said...

I took pics today of everything that I tried for our family get together. So when Hank get's home with the camera, I will send them to you. It's Texas Potato Casserole, Pineapple Casserole, and the Saucy Chocolate Cake. Everything turned out soooo good!

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