Thursday, May 25, 2006

Biscuit Calzones

This recipe if from Jamie.


1 can Homestyle Biscuits
1 pkg turkey sausage
1 jar of Ragu tomato sauce
1 package mozzarella cheese-- we actually found a
cheese by Sargento that was Italian dried tomato that
was SOOO good!

1. Scramble the turkey sausage and add Italian
seasoning or whatever you prefer.
2. Then add entire package of cheese, and half the
jar of tomato sauce. Mix well. You don't want it to be
too liquid, you just want it to be coated with sauce.
(You will actually have enough meat mixture to do 20
calzones. What I generally do is freeze half of the
mix and save it for a later date!)
3. Next, take your biscuits, and roll them out thin
with a rolling pin on some flour.
4. Add the meat mix in the middle and close up the
edges of the biscuits. Put them on a greased cookie
sheet. Once you have all 10 ready to go, you can brush
some garlic butter on the top, then bake at 350 until
golden brown.

I bake them with the closed up side down so they are
nice an pretty! Serve them covered in the remainder of
your Ragu! And Enjoy!

I have also made these with ricotta cheese, spinach
(frozen Jolly Green Giant Cream of Spinach), and
chicken. This one if probably my favorite!

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