Monday, August 16, 2010

Maw's Rivels

2 1/2 cups flour (white lily)
2 eggs
Stew Meat (cooked, and keep broth)
Beef Broth (swanson is what maw uses)

Mix flour and egg in a bowl on low speed with mixer. You will create small pepple like balls of flour that resemble what you use for apple crumb dessert.

Heat beef broth from stew meat with one can of swanson beef broth to a boil.

Sprinkle in rivels once beef broth is boiling, and stir continuously. Turn Temp down to med or low heat. Stir as it contiunes to cook. Has consistency of oatmeal. Appox. 5 minutes of cook time.

You can make rivels for any soup to make it stretch! They use to put it in the tomato soup too. When you have 5 boys and 5 girls in the house to feed you'd better know how to make a meal last! All the Kluttz kids grew up on rivels and still enjoy them today!

This recipe has been packed a way, but finally I located it and thought I should put it in the world wide web before it gets lost again in my world of chaos!

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Eric said...

Hey, I thought I saw on The Recipe Place the other day a post showing a red velvet cake or a cake with homemade icing? Where did it go? I wanted to print it off and use it. :)

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