Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This is a kitchen gadget that is used constantly at my house. I think D uses it more than I do. Actually he won't eat an apple unless it's been cored & sliced. It is a definite time saver.
What is a kitchen gadget that is used alot in your kitchen?


Mel said...

I used this one today.

My melon baller is one I use alot. when the boys want a whole apple cut in half...I use my melon baller to remove the seeds.

Jeanie said...

I just bought this! I haven't used it yet though :-( We use the Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal ALOT!

Vickie said...

I guess I'm just old fashion. I just use a paring knife. Don't use too many gadgets.

Nicole said...

my can opener! LOL

Staci said...

I love my new can opener from Pampered Chef- I don't eat many things from a can, but when we do I'm so excited to get to use it!

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