Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Garlic Green Beans

Frozen green beans
minced garlic
Extra virgin Olive Oil
S & P

My favorite is the baby green beans, since they are more tender.
There is no "real" recipe. But I put the frozen beans in a skillet with some olive oil. salt, pepper & minced garlic (I buy the large jar from the Walmart produce department). Then put the lid on it. Let the beans get limp. Then once the beans are cooked, take the lid off & let the moisture evaporate. Then you sorta sautee them. Kinda fry them. You may have to add some more olive oil or garlic. You want the green beans to wilt & begin to turn brown.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Simple but deelish! It's been put on my list to whip up next week. Since we have access to several local markets, we're going to try it with fresh ingredients as well. We like to compare fresh vs processed. Suggestion: throw in a little crushed red pepper for a kick!

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