Monday, June 25, 2007

Fried Squash

This is a family favorite for me. Growing up when my moma would cook fried squash you could count me to be in the kitchen "helping" her every step of the way. As soon as they were cool enough I would have to try a few. She would fuss at me and say "Now Staci, if you keep eating them, there will be none left for supper!" My response was "that's okay!" I called tonight to get the recipe to make some for our family tonight and boy were they good! So I figure I would share it with all of you!

Heat Oil on Med-high in a skillet on the stove

Pour flour into a bowl add salt

Wash Squash

Slice Thin

Add squash to flour and mix with hands

Once the grease is hot, lay the squash into carefully, once the edges start to curl up or brown, simply turn over with a fork. Once you get them all turned over go back and start pulling them out.

*If you take your time your squash won't burn and they will be perfect! If you get in a hurry and turn up the heat too high, they will burn quickly*

*I served them with White Rice tonight and its real good with a slice of tomato*

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