Thursday, October 12, 2006

Breakfast Sausage Rolls

This recipe comes from one of my best friend's mother. I used to go home with her for weekends, and her mom would make these for us at breakfast. I called her mom up recently to ask for this recipe so I could make them for a baby shower. I ended up talking and laughing with her for an hour! So many memories!

1 box Bisquik
1 lb. Tennessee Pride sausage (this is the brand she recommends)

Make sure sausage is at room temp.
Pour bisquik into large bowl.
Add milk until it looks like biscuit dough (will be slightly sticky).
Pour dough onto floured wax paper.
Kneed until dough is stiff or until dough won't stick to roller.
Roll dough out.
Take sausage and place spoonfuls on the dough until you've used all.
Then roll the dough into a large roll.

Put the roll into the freezer until stiff but not neccessarily frozen.
Then slice the roll into 1/2" or less slices.

Bake at 425 until brown on the bottom. That will happen first because the sausage will cook faster than the dough.
Then broil the top to brown them.

Serve them warm with jelly, jam, syrup, or honey. They are delicious!
Once you've sliced the entire roll, you can freeze whatever portion you don't want to cook for up to 3 months!

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