Thursday, August 17, 2006

Recipe Feedback

This is what Nicki had to say about Oven Bacon.....

Almost every Sunday, after church, we have brunch at my parents' home. Us, women, are always complaining about the bacon popping on our church clothes as we fry it up in the skillet. So, when you posted this, I copied it and sent it to my sister and my mom. This weekend we followed your directions and baked it in the oven. WE LOVED IT! So much easier and definitely not as messy! (Well, except for when Mom accidentally tipped the pan while pulling it out of the oven, causing a bunch of grease to spill to the bottom of the oven, which caused a bunch of smoke to begin rolling out, causing the smoke detector to go off, which caused my 3-year-old son to run through the house yelling, "Grease fire! Grease fire!") But, besides that a lot less messier! We'll be doing it that way for now on. Thanks for the idea!

1 comment:

Nicki said...

Good grief. Did I really write "Us, women,..."? Sometimes when I read my writing, with all of it's poor grammar and punctuation, I get worried for my homeschooled children. LOL!

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