Friday, May 26, 2006

Southern Green Beans

Dana has requested my recipe for these. I love them so much that I cook them at least once a week!


6 cans of greens beans (any kind you like, French cut or whatever)
Bacon or a ham hock (I used bacon)
Salt & Pepper

Put beans into a pot, do not drain. I keep a pack of bacon in the freezer & cut the end off the pack, about 1-2 inches. Stick it into the pot with beans & add salt & pepper. (If you use a ham hock, just put it into the pot.) I normally cook on high until is starts cooking them I turn it down to med. Let it cook for anywhere from 1 1/2 - 2 hrs & I've even cooked them longer. But you don't have to cook them that long. I just cook ALL the vitamins out. But that's the best way! Also keep on eye on them, because you have to add water from time to time, since the moisture cooks out. And you don't have to make 6 cans, just make fits your family.

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